Gaining Approved Qualification Centre status for 2022/23

Centre approval is Stage 1 of your journey to delivering courses and certificating learners. Please see the details below to understand what is expected of your Centre.

Note: Centres must have applied to become a Centre through LEAP and have applied at least one course before Centre Approval can be completed.  

Which Centres is this applicable to?

Centre Approval for 2022/23 is required for Centres that:

Note: If your Centre has received Approved Qualification Centre status for 2021/22 and has had a satisfactory outcome to a Quality Assurance Review in 2021/22, you will not be required to complete the Centre Approval process this year. You will be approved as part of you Quality Assurance Review for 2021/22.

Through the Centre Approval process and in being given Approved Qualification Centre you will:

The steps to Approved Qualification Centre status are:

  1. Book a 30 minute Centre Approval  meeting with a member of the Quality Assurance Team -please email qa@sportsleaders.org to find out who your Quality Assurance representative is. We will then send you a link to book with that person.
  2. Attend the Centre Approval meeting.
  3. Complete all mandatory Centre training (e.g. CCM etraining, Internal Verification etraining, any Tutor Training).

Note: The Centre Course Manager is responsible for ensuring the Centre receive Centre Approval, but no later than 8 weeks after you first course start date.


The next stages

Once you have been given Approved Qualification Centre status, you will be prepared to complete the next three stages of the qualification delivery:

Stage 3 – Deliver the qualification(s) to learners and evidence assessment
Stage 4 – Have your Quality Assurance Review and award certificates to your learners

For more information on the Centre Approval process, and all other aspects of qualification delivery, please refer to the Centre Standards Manual.