Gaining Approved Qualification Centre status for 2021/22

All Centres that deliver or intend to deliver SLQ Sports Leaders qualifications are required to be approved on an annual basis. This is Stage 1 of 4 for delivering SLQ Sports Leaders qualifications.

Through the Centre Approval process and in being given Approved Qualification Centre you will:

The Centre Approval requirement for 2021/22 will start from the 1st August 2021 and is a requirement of all Centres. 

The steps to Approved Qualification Centres status are:

  1. Register for a Centre Approval webinar (below) and complete the short survey and standards declaration as part of your registration.
  2. Attend the webinar you book on to
  3. If you are a new Centre, or if your Centre was not given Approved Programme Centre status in 2020/21, you will be sent a link to complete a Centre Standards Declaration form.
  4. If required, you may be contact by the Quality Assurance Team to attend a short Centre Approval support meeting

Note: The Centre Course Manager is responsible for ensuring the Centre complete the Centre Approval effectively as soon as possible, but no later than 8 weeks after you first course start date.

Book onto a Centre Approval webinar

The first step is for the Centre Course Manager to book onto and attend a free Centre Approval webinar by clicking on one of the links below for the date that suits you. Additional dates will be added for October onwards, but please book on as soon as possible as webinars have a limited capacity.

All Centres

Date Time
Monday 23rd August 3:30-4pm
Friday 27th August 3-3:30pm
Tuesday 31st August 12:30-1pm
Thursday 2nd September 3-3:30pm
Wednesday 8th September 12:30-1pm
Friday 10th September 12:30-1pm
Tuesday 14th September 6-6:30pm
Thursday 16th September 9:30-10am
Monday 20th September 3:30-4pm
Wednesday 22nd September 12:30-1pm
Tuesday 28th September 3:30-4pm
Thursday 30th September 9:30-10am

Once you have been given Approved Qualification Centre status, you will be prepared to complete the next three stages of the qualification delivery:

Stage 2 – Complete or refresh Mandatory Standardisation Training
Stage 3 – Deliver the qualification(s) to learners and evidence assessment
Stage 4 – Have your Quality Assurance Review and award certificates to your learners

For more information on the Centre Approval process, and all other aspects of qualification delivery, please refer to the Centre Standards Manual.